MOHOC: A snag free camera option for extreme s(p)orts.

Entanglement – the ever present nightmare for anyone involved in canopy sports and runs with a helmet cam. Early efforts in skydiving tried to address the issue by encasing the camera in a snag resistant (or in the case of 2K Composites with the FF* series – snag free) helmet solution. But as camera form factors evolved, the helmet designs stagnated – trying to become a good enough for everyone rather than a perfect for some.

Some newer camera designs lent themselves to a better set up than others (top mount Contour vs. front mount GoPro) – but even those never quite addressed the root problem -> the lines, the mount, and the chinstrap are stronger than the human neck.

Attempts to address involved introducing a weaker link than that of the neck. The mount. Mounting using velcro or magnets retains the camera under normal operation but allows it to break free of the pilot in the event of an entanglement. Only one catch, in saving our neck, we potentially sacrifice a $600+ camera. Small price to pay many of us would admit – well, up until we have to fork over the cash for a replacement.

Another option – address the entanglement issue at the camera itself.

So enters the MOHOC (Military Optimized Helmet Camera – not sure how the second ‘O’ fits in). Designed with the needs of military special forces in mind, the unit is water proof, shock resistant, and (most importantly) almost completely snag proof (the base is curved to sit flush on a helmet).

Looking forward to getting this puppy in the air.

A lot small than originally thought.
Rotate-able lens.
Glove operable power/record.
The unit indicates record state via vibration – no selfie shot while looking for the red record light.
Top opened to expose battery, status screen, HDMI/microUSB, and microSD card.

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