Shanghai Lockdown (Puxi) Day 6: Mixed signals

So the original messaging from the government stated that PuXi would be out of lockdown by this point (source: Yeah, that didn’t happen (nor was it remotely realistic honestly). Now it is simply stated as ‘indefinite’, though rumors are circulating about a week or two further. Given the near daily testing now – this might actually be the goal. Identify and isolate any and all positives quickly to break the contact chain.

Since the start of lockdown, word of parents being separated from children in the event one is positive and other negative sparked a rather large outcry. Eventually authorities ‘adjusted’ the policy to allow negative parents to stay with positive children in central quarantine.

As to isolation, news repots that there are presently 47.7K beds in the city with 30K more coming online (source: As of this morning there are 82K asymptomatic in need of isolation (16K more just today) (source: I’ll leave the math to you. A simple sum: Do not get sick.

Speaking of sick. Word from expats at other compounds is that compound leaders are getting increasingly worried about food deliveries bringing the virus in and infecting volunteers / workers. Will see how this plays out if compounds start to restrict deliveries, fueling further concern regarding food security.

One musing: Since starting to work here I have found that the business environment does not place much weight on detailed advance preparation nor significant concern for unintended consequence. Instead a KPI is set and the expectation is to rapidly adjust as the situation dictates to achieve said KPI. Leads one to wonder how much overlap there is of this in the policy sphere.

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