Shanghai Lockdown (Puxi) Day 2: Signs of life.

PCR test came back negative (the 5th in a month). Not particularly surprised as the only trips outside the apartment since March 4th could be counted on a single hand. Worried about COVID, not so much. Worried about being ingested by the Chinese COVID healthcare system, very much so.

Why one may ask?

Experience of a local expat educator testing positive and shipped to a COVID facility lacking heat and running water:

Educators partner subsequently testing positive and sent, initially, to the mass quarantine camp at the Expo site in Pudong:

Great incentives to not test positive if you ever saw one!

As word has spread of what awaits, residents are refusing to leave their apartments in our building to avoid possible exposure, forcing the testers to go door to door. I count us lucky as many compounds do not have this luxury.

No word yet on additional cases in the building. Given that we had entered lockdown a week ago, I suspect near all have been flushed out by now (between the pair of PCRs coupled with the single antigen).

Otherwise it is a long weekend with QingMing (‘Tomb Sweeping’) festival, so the PS5 with 2077 is getting a workout and Forbidden West awaits in the queue. Not much else to do.

On a positive note – the blue helmets + jackets of the scooter delivery folk are starting to appear on the roads in addition to police, ambulances, and the COVID coaches, meaning deliveries are starting to trickle through. A sign of life.

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