They say sheeple have two speeds …

Graze and stampede.
Grazing is quickly coming to an end.

I sent this to immediate family about two weeks ago (they have since actioned on it) and figure it might be worthwhile sharing here – though it sounds like western media is already parroting the same:

Joking aside – I saw in the news that it is starting to look like South Korea is losing control of their outbreak as well as Iran.
I would recommend looking at Singapore and HK as potential public reaction examples if people start to get scared. There were runs on the stores for basic necessities, cleaning them out. We were lucky here as the gov’t controls social and public media – preventing a viral social reaction.
Consider examining your basic needs for the next 30, 60, and 90 days and start slowly building up a stock of items you will eventually use anyways when things calm down. If people panic, the stores will get emptied quickly of (my  guess) OTC medications, toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, bottled water, dry goods (rice/pasta), frozen food, and canned food.
If you have medications, consider talking to insurance/doctor about an extended (3 month) prescription. There are talk of many meds coming from China – the factories are nowhere near back to full operation (if operating at all, yet).
Not meaning to scare you but I would recommend keep an eye on developments in countries outside China and taking a look at you may need before the ‘herd’ potentially stampedes in the West.

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