Change and The First Rule of Italian Driving …

Peace – the brief respite between periods of conflict.

Status Quo – the extended respite between bursts of change.

As of late, I have been challenging a few of my directs to pull out their crystal ball and peer into what the future may hold for our industry. And with potential premonition in hand – I query of them how they might react (or perhaps prepare) were they an exec at our employer. The goal is twofold – first try to understand the business aspect of our craft, but more importantly encourage a mental elasticity. Disruption is both inevitable and accelerating. By imagining what could happen and how the organization may need to react, my hope is that my charges will be better positioned to pivot and proactively engage with minimal internal disruption.  To imagine potential change there must be an acknowledgement that the status quo will not persist.

‘Sic vis pacem …’

Those that know me know there has been some significant change in the past twelve months, those that know me well know there is equally as big a change in the very near future. Both were acknowledged as possibilities some ago, which has made the resulting transition a relatively painless affair for all involved.

My approach: acknowledge that change can occur, plan for potential outcomes, and execute methodically through the process. What helps is captured rather eloquently below:

There is also some wonderful wisdom in:


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