New Comp in Valle de Bravo!

The gent I was under the guidance of during this past Christmas, Marko Hrgetic, is organizing a comp of a slightly different flare for January of 2018.

Titled XCSkyRace – the format is different from the traditional RtG (Race to Goal). A start/end cylinder is defined each day and using that start/end cylinder, competitors are expected to fly a cross country route of their own choosing. A straight out and return scores the lowest per km flown, while a FAI triangle scores the highest. Failure to return to the start/end cylinder results in a point penalty per km that the pilot comes up short.

In short – it’s the thinking pilots comp.

I am really excited to give this alternative comp format a try and encourage any and everyone (especially the Valle snowbirds) who flies XC on a regular basis to sign up.

Link to Competition Website.

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