Paragliding with the Feiyu WG3 Gimbal.

Fishing upstream for quality

In the quest to generate better quality video, one must look as far upstream as possible to get the best bang for the buck.

A well edited video is only as good as the source footage. Lens quality, sensor capability, resolution, frame rate, and compression algorithm of the camera all play critical roles in the quality of the end product. But even if these align, a poor quality mounting platform can negate it all. Shaky, nausea inducing footage from an unstable platform greatly reduces what is usable and only so much ‘fix it in post’ can correct for it.

The Problem

Up until now I employed a rather lo-tech means of achieving a semblance of stability for non-helmet mounted cam footage. Attaching a Flytec hang gliding camera bracket to the interface between riser and carabiner, I was able to capitalize on the most stable point in my paragliding kit. But even that point was not without unwanted motion.

The Solution

Enter the gimbal. A gimbal is a means of attaching an instrument to a platform that allows movement along an axis with the goal of counter acting the motions of the platform in said axis. They are commonly used in film and have shrunk in size and weight over the last few years to have become viable for paragliding.

Feiyu WG

One of the growing favourites is the Feiyu line of gimbals. While initial offerings came in a variety of selfie stick form factors, the more recent ‘wearable’ (WG) line offers increased flexibility in how and where the platform can be set up.

Feiyu WG3 + Xiaomi Yi 4K
Note: to get the 4K to fit, the mounting bracket and retaining bar need to be flipped.

A trip to the hardware store + a bit of work with a drill and impact driver was needed to get the Flytec to interface cleanly with the base of the WG3 (yet still be detachable). 


All set up with an upside down Yi 4k.

Mounted on riser and carabiner. While launching, the speed system line is brought around outside and behind the carabiner, then loosely held in place by the radio pouch pictured here. After launch, a single finger flick will clear it.

Testing It Out:


And in the air:

2 thoughts on “Paragliding with the Feiyu WG3 Gimbal.

    1. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

      It is a vid of the set up in action. Live in air video was planned but for a newly discovered hitch – the combination of gimbal, Yi2K camera, and the Baofeng radio appear to interfere with the camera recording (and causing the radio to spew static).

      Turning off the radio mid flight allowed the camera to work again (I have stills), but the video file was corrupted.

      Will try again with the Yaesu. Fingers are crossed it is a little cleaner in terms of spurious RF.


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