A Tribute of Wind and Water.

The day has been a resounding success (well, aside from being chased to the ground by an approaching storm). A decent short XC and successful test of GliderHUDs ability to generate an unsigned (no G record) IGC track log.

IGC Tracklog from GliderHUD.
A short jaunt, but we did get away from the mountain.
Sans storm, Engenheiro would have been possible by days end.

We celebrate by capping off the day with a carne-val of sorts – a visit to Churrascaria Espettos – the all you can eat meat on metal sticks place.

Steve sums it up succinctly, get a plate, sit down, and try to fend off the waiters bringing a seemingly endless supply of meat.

They do have a decent salad selection and the cooked pineapple coated with cinnamon seems to go over well. But the raison d’être of this place is the consumption of cooked flesh. And cooked flesh they have. A quote from Dennis Leary comes to mind, “If one of us should happen to die of a heart attack, throw him on the fire, more meat for the meat eaters! RAWW.”

Done and ready for a coma.

Arrive back at hotel to find my primary battery pack for the Yaesu VX-8DR is dead and refusing to charge after 5 years of faithful service. Thankfully packed the spare 2000 mAh acquired from BatteriesAmerica in the States. Make note to order a replacement and the AA adapter pack as well. As the adage goes – two is one, and one is none. Always have a back up for power, electronics, and cabling when venturing abroad.

Wake the next morning to the threat of storms. But up the hill we go, just to be sure.

‘He who dares, flies.’

Up top, the view proves me not so daring.

Several CBs line abreast begin to merge, forming a massive storm wall to the north.

It creeps south … towards us.

Crossing the river, the wall of wind and rain picks up velocity and races a gale up the mountain.

Not sure how that hat managed to stay on after the wall of cloud + wind hits.

Steve had the presence of mind to have already gotten the tarp out and wrapped our kit in it under the truck bed cover. Many others are not so lucky, with glider bags left out in the open.

By the time we reach GV, several streets are already flooding their drains and turning the city into an impromptu Venice.

Last to be dropped off. Depart the truck to find the rain easing. Looks like I will be able to acquire food while staying dry this eve.

2 blocks south, 1 block east is a little pasta joint that I have been hitting up every second night. As I walk in, manager gives a thumbs up and lets the kitchen know to make a spaghetti carbonara to go without any prompting on my part.

Starting to become a regular here.
It was the first place our group ate after arriving.
Not sure how much more the river can take of these storms.
Signs of having overflowed its banks can be found throughout the island.

Next day – clouds are beginning to clear but the wind is now an issue. It is strong and running straight across launch (actually straight up the road).

There is still some energy in the air resulting in the odd rain shower, but these could easily be avoided. If we could launch.

But it was not to be – me thinks we are becoming experts in parawaiting. The locals and visitors alike are at a loss for words regarding the conditions – it is very atypical for this location at this time of year.

Maybe tomorrow.

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