To Cumuruxatiba and Back.

Saturday morning.

Truck and car loaded up with pilots, non-flying partners, and kit. The coast is our destination, flying is our goal.

Dean mentioned having flown north of Prado in the state of Bahai last spring, so there was a chance the winds may be favourable and allow for some coastal ridge soaring.

What we found in return was far more interesting.


Cumuruxatiba is a resort town at the end of 30 kms of dirt/mud road. The most improbable of places to find such a thing, yet in Brazil it exists and no one bats so much as an eyelash at such an occurrence.

I (along with Simon and Lynda) ended up crashing at the Hotel Cumuruxatiba, likely the highest end hotel/pousada (guesthouse aka BnB) in the town. Hot water and wifi, enough for me – though likely spartan for the price.

It has a bed, Wifi, and AC – enough for me.


What electrical code?

Except maybe sleep – not a lot of that was to be found, especially for our crew that stayed closer to the centre of the village (and the nexus of the party).By weeks end we had witnessed a three day long party involving a procession of most of the town lead by a drum corp interrupted only by a funeral parade involving the tossing of fireworks from its tail. The Brazilians do nothing half measure, it is a full on commitment when it comes to partying.


The flying site was about a 15 mins drive south at a coconut plantation.


Well it would be a flying site aside from prevailing winds being about 90 degrees off. One blustery afternoon, Simon and Steve managed to get a few minutes of airtime but otherwise there was no flying to be had. Unfortunate, but these things happen. That’s why no flying trip should ever be limited to just one week.


Our favourite food/watering hole turned out to be the Cafe Gelato – just across the street from the hotel. Selling point: caipirinhas 1 Real cheaper and twice as strong as the beach side bars (a burger and fries for under 30 Real didn’t hurt).



It was only a matter of time before the rains that chased us out of GV followed us here.


Friday morning we packed up and headed back with hope the forecast would provide a window of flying Saturday.


Proper thermal generator.


In GV, optioned for higher end lodging – the Pousada Jeito de Minas. If you can afford it, jump on this place – it is a 5 minute walk across the bridge from the main LZ and stumbling distance from a couple of bars/restaurants.


Now this is more like it.
There’s a tree in the shower!

Well, the weather is looking up for tomorrow, early night to bed.

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