Time to be a tourist.

The wind gods frowned upon us yesterday, forcing us to do the tourist thing and visit the pasture/ridge behind the Montmin launch, giving an excellent view of the Dents and the Roc de Boeuf – the basic turn points in Le Petit Tour du Lac (the shorter cross country circuit most visiting pilots attempt). Absolutely beautiful view.

We later visited Planfait, though I did not fly due to the conditions being rather ‘lumpy’, as the Brits put it – high lapse rate down low with strong leeside south wind at launch and howling north valley wind at the lz. A tandem ended up in the trees near the lz and I am pretty certain I saw the green/white Gin X-Alps wing even get parked over the field, with most others trying land going backwards.

Another wonderful ‘flying’ day in Annecy.

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