Double your pleasure, double your fun, two cravattes for the price of one.

Right hand through toggle and I hand over hand the stabilo, working most of it clear.

“Ok, now the right side.”

Same procedure, similar results.

A final handful of deep brake pumps on both sides and the Delta 2 was back to being a proper wing.

Needless to say the wingovers and landing approach were nothing to write home about. The wing felt a little twitchy coming in and I wasn’t entirely sure if it was due to line/rod damage or adrenaline. A quick inspection that cost me the next flight showed no immediately visible issues.

It is clear that mental fatigue is beginning to set in after so much flying in such a short period of time. I will likely need to ease off to two flights a day until the SIV is complete.

But the stalls will continue, as the show must go on.


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